Well I've had a blue X50Pro on order since November, but I rang the shop last week and they said they're not getting a delivery til April now....so I did a search and found this baby! Not actual pictures of my new toy, but her twin (not quite identical) sister! She's now sitting on the couch making friends with my explorer

Holy tits! :O
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Wake her up and take nudey photo's of her!
It's the only way!

EG needs pR0nz now!

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I was going to make some stupid comment about the word pressie but as soon as I saw the pic I forgot what it was because of the sexyness. Get some pics of it!
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I don't have a camera here, so pics have to wait til I get home on Friday But trust me, she's gorgeous
Looks VERY nice.
Wouldn't mind one myself.
Sunn O))):
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Very sexy, but can you pull off the tag that says push/pull coil tap? That would bug the hell outta me if it was mine :p
i got a washburn for xmas too. it's a white wi-45 idol, also kudos on your present
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