i think paying out a bit of money for a professional recording will help our band massively but my band mate dont seem to think so
apparently crappy is good enough for them. i mean, i want to get some recordings as soon as possible and start gigging but these guys are willing to sit around and ''take it easy". and that kind of pisses me off

so have a listen. this is our first home recorded song, what do you guys think? is quality like this good enough (considering money is tight) or should we pay out?

I added you on myspace earlier on the basis of that song, it's pretty good. Your singer sounds a bit nervous though
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I added you on myspace earlier on the basis of that song, it's pretty good. Your singer sounds a bit nervous though

really, thanks! but would we be offered gigs and actually get anywhere if we have more songs of that quality?
Its better than most **** you see on myspace, i think its good actually.

Certainly, not bad

Drums sound **** though.
It's alright I guess, what did you use to record this? Anyway, I believe you should save some money and definetly pay for a (semi) professional recording in the future.
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it's ok for demo use, the mixing could be better. I would wait till after you start making money from gigging to start making a professional sounding recording.
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Kid +1.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you hope to achieve from your recording. I would not buy this as a consumer if it was for sale. I would expect better sound quality.

If I was booking bands for shows, it would suit my purposes. In that situation, what I would want to know is:
1. What do they sound like? (ie. closer to Weezer, or closer to AC/DC, or what?)
2. Are they at least semi-competent enough to not scare away anyone who might be at my club already when the band starts?

This recording would give me what I need to know from that perspective. My next question would be, "How many people do you figure you can bring out?" Whether I book you would depend a lot on that answer. From there, you might fool me once, but if you don't walk the walk, you won't get booked again.

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Personally,you guys need to work out your timing issues before you pay money to record.
It was all over the place...going into a studio now will be a waste of your money AND a waste of the engineers time.