Before you read this know that this isn't my account, tis my roomies, and he just left, so if i ask a question it cause basically i'm newer to guitar unlike him ha (didnt wana confuse some people if they are his friends) anywayz for the song Outshined by soundgarden, i'm having trouble playing the part before the chorus, the less distorted part, could some1 give me tips for playing this, or post a way to play it dumbed down, or another tab for it? Thanks
gimme 5min

i think its the way you should use your fingers..i use them like this:

D5 D D/G
Gtrs I, II
W E. E +S E +H

sevent frets are ring and pinky, 5 is index..you just move him

D/F# Em/G Dm/F D D/G
E. E +S E +S E. E E E. E +S E +H

bouth strings at the 7 fret is index, 9 ring.try to mute the string with your middle finger..just lay him a bit on the d string.

then next chord-10 is ring, middle is 10.again try laying your fimger on the d string (ring).
you can do the 10p0 pull off with your pinky if you can

hope it helped.soundgarden rocks!
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