the pups on my gibson sg are starting to rust on the pole pieces, i went on swineshead pickups and listened to the venom and wart hog recordings, and the other 6- string pups. and i'm thinking of asking for a warthog neck pup and a venom pickup for the bridge, what do yall think? worth it? i'm in the U.S, but they sound pretty good to me, and i'm into metal and sh**, so it'll go with my style and all.

edit: http://www.swinesheadpickups.co.uk/toneguide.shtml there's the url incase someone wants to check them out too.
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Sounds good to me, but unless the change is a must personally I would replace your amp first.
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i'm waiting til this summer to get a new amp, so i can get a really nice one, i'm gonna spend up to 900/1000 for an amp, i dont feel the need to spend 200/250 on another amp until i get money from working since i can get the one i really want. but my pickups and starting to rust like i said, and i'd like to start really customizing it, and i like the sound of those pups.
Good pickups, but Shipping to the US would probably kill it. Im sure you could get some nice SD's or Dimarzios for equal price, if not cheaper.
actually shipping on them wouldn't be that bad. it'd be under 8 dollars to get it here, and like 90 for the humbuckers, which Seymour duncans would you suggest? (i don't really want to go active) or which dimarzios?
If you can get the Swinesheads for a reasonable price, then I dont see why you shouldnt go for them. I think theyre pretty sweet pickups, I have a set myself. If you want to look at other options like Dimarzio and SD's and you're after a mettaly-esque sound, Id suggest checking out the websites for them.

If you're into 7 strings, you should check out the 7 string legion. Follow the link in my sig
i was gonna put a venom 7 in my 7 string this summer, i wanna get a trem for it too. how do i join the legion? and btw i have a thread one a 9 string/ 11 string hybrid idea bassed off of a 7 string, if you'd be interested in looking at it, was from a couple weeks ago though. anyways, back to the topic, i'll go on their sites tonight if i can.
Id certainately be interested in at, as would all the members of the legion. Just post in there saying about your 7 and about this 9/11 string hybrid thingy and they'll welcome you with open arms haha.
alrighty then, ill post in there requesting entry and i'll copy n paster the url from my idea. any pup suggestions or should i go with the warthog/venom combo? i think it would sound so badassed in my sg.