Hey, i've been searching for an inexpensive way to record some guitar to my PC and this Behringer V-Amp2 looks like it could be perfect for me.


Anyone here use it?

More specifically, anyone hook it up to their computer?

It doesnt have a USB hookup, so apparently you can buy a MIDI to joystick/game port cable to get it going. If anybody can guide to where to find this cable, i'd appreciate it.
Or you could yust connect yourMultiEffect Pedal to your sound card an record
this thing is good if you dont own a effect .
i have a v-amp2 but i dont record and dont connect it to my computer . sorry

but the cable should you get is simply a "midi to usb" cable . it cost less than 10 $ on ebay .

good luck ... i have mixed opinion about the vamp so far but still its a nice unit .
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MIDI does not carry audio signals. You need to plug it into your sound card's line in, or get a USB audio interface. I would suggest spending an extra $50 and getting the RP255. You will spend at least $30 getting a USB audio interface, and with the RP255 you get an expression pedal.

The RP255 isn't released yet so you could go for the RP250 if you are anxious to buy....


But if you can hang in there till it's out you also get a 20 second looper...