wat are some of the best recording software out there for a one man band. cuz i want to start making my but dont have ne really equpiment beside a guitar and a mac laptop. wat are some of the things to help me get going? i want to have my own vocals in it. i guess the real question is how to record my owns songs buy just useing a computer and tell me some things i should buy and best things. and if this helps at all my music has a GOrillaz kinds of feel
Reason is not recording software. Your mac should have garageband, that will be fine for what you want most likley. Get a recording interface and a decent microphone.
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Or a Samson CO1 or CO3 or other usb microphone.
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so all i need really is a usb micraphone, logic how about original drum recording should i buy a software for that i want sometthing that has alot of instruments that i can use adn that sounds good and original
I record constantly on my 20" Imac. I use Logic, Garageband '09 and also Cubase 4 at times. The NEW Garageband is amazing. I don't even need any interface whatsoever as the Imacs have a small preamp built-in them. The laptops don't I'm told (from posts in the Apple Forums) - so the laptop guys buy an interface. I do have a PRESONUS Inspire interface that works great but I really don't need it with my Imac.

The new Garageband '09 has some fantastic new Amps and Stompboxes in it, a really nice new 3D GUI for the Amps and boxes, and Garageband produces some really professional sounding recordings. Some of the ones I've heard in a few Garageband Forums amazed me. They sound like Commercial Recordings. Not bad for such an inexpensive App.
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