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this thread , as the title sugests, is about your favourite guitar(s) and your reasons for liking the guitar(s) chosen.
Ibanez RG: My favorite guitar for a couple years now I just love the way they play and the way they sound couldnt ask for anything more from my second guitar
Ibanez RG7321
Jackson Randy Rhoads V with Floyd Rose
Peavey Valveking 112
Digitech RP70 Guitar Processor
my favourite guitars ;

gibson les paul: reason being that it is just a fantastic sounding guitar and great for playing solos and the like.

Gibson SG: great for playing the rythme and solo's and is used by one of the best guitarists ever. tony iommi
Fender Strat, even though I don't own one I played alot of them, and I gotta say they're legendary.
Epiphone SG-G400.
Crate Flexwave 15W
Korg Toneworks Modeling Signal Processor AX3G
Caparison Dellinger - Just feels more perfect than any other guitar ive picked up, and thats a lot, many many of the "usual" brand guitars, also they sound unique as hell, thye stick out in a world filled with millions of guitars!
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Pretty much all the Jackson Rhoads series. I LOVE the offset V body, dat just is soooooo awesome and agresive
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Fender Strat. They are in a class pretty much all their own. The average person knows of two brands: Fender and Gibson. Fender is just my favorite of the two. Love mine, and everybody who I've ever heard loves theirs.
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Stratocaster; Everything. Sound, feel, look, I love this thing.
ES335; See the strat.
Les Paul; Same as the above two.
PRS Custom 24; Same as always.

Simply put, I'm uptight about the quality of my guitar. I can overlook shape though. But when I find one, it usually satisfies me on all fronts.

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Fender Strat -

versatile, sounds cool, looks cool, great history, easy to play, well built, great price...the guitar is a winner any way you look at it
The 91 Explorer I sold at a third of what it was worth, like an idiot! It was probably one of the most comfortable guitars I ever owned!
well i like my Ibanez Destroyer quite a bit, well maybe even a bit more than that

other than that, Ibanez RG are pretty sweet, jackson Soloists are really nice to play, and ive been planning on getting a single-coil guitar, strat style, but not fender, probably a carvin kit
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Jackson Randy Rhoads. They just feel so great and natural to me, no other guitar has ever felt so great to me. I really need to get one soon.

Also SGs. (although I don't like them as much as Rhoads) They just look and feel so awesome, and have the perfect weight.
Fender Stratocaster. Achingly beautiful, versatile, expressive...a workman's guitar.

PRS Hollowbody II.
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I'm gonna say a Fender Stratocaster. Why? There is a lot of versatility with a strat, hence all the different models over the years.
Here's some of the versatile strat options you have:
Pickup configuration:
SSS, SSS (with rail pups in either or or positions), HSS, or even HSH
Hard tailed, vintage trem, 2 point, or locking
C, V, soft V, U, etc. And then there's the maple and rosewood options
Ash, Mahogany, Alder
OK, so with all these different combinations you can do a lot.
And think of the diverse players of strats...
Everyone from Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits to Dave Murray of Iron Maiden.
Caparison models,especially the Dellinger 7 string.They just have such amazing attention to detail and quality and some of the nicest necks out there IMO.The Dellinger model gets an extra plus because it's very no frills,just an oiled mahogany body tone machine.


fender strat vg tried one out the other day wow so much can be done on these especially doing cover versions as soon as i am rich lol i want one
Ok, out of my guitars

72 tele thinline: Just a joy to play. Neck is very comfy, and can get SOOO many sounds out of it.

ESP LTD M-1000: Looks DAMN sexy, keeps in tune nicely, love the neck, and the inlays rock my sox

Gibson SG faded: Love the look. Faded for some reason is a turn on (for guitars not women) The sound is great, the neck is very very comfy (i love comfy necks, first thing i look in a guitar)

Out of guitars i DONT have

Gibson Explorer: Well obviously looks BROOTALZ!!! The pickups are AMAZING and the neck is pretty good

Schecter C-1 Classic- Looks sexy fine, like the sound of it, the neck is beautiful (in feeling and look) and also versatile

Schecter Tempest: Just is awesome. Coil tapping plus awesome neck ftw
Fender 72 Tele Thinline (my baby)
Gibson SG Special Faded
ESP LTD M-1000
Peavy Vk 112
Boss GT-10
My modified Powerhouse Strat.
It looks wonderful, plays great, sounds amazing.
Les Paul Doublecut- It's just as thick and heavy sounding as a regular LP but has MUCH better fret access.

Schecter C-1 BlackJack FR- It's very versatile, feels great, sounds good, and has a good FR.

Jackson DK2: Great playing neck (not too thick not too thin, basically perfect IMO), good pickups, good LFR, versatile (JB and classic stack pickups are very versatile).
Current Gear:
LTD MH-400 with Gotoh GE1996T (EMG 85/60)
PRS SE Custom 24 (Suhr SSH+/SSV)
Ibanez RG3120 Prestige (Dimarzio Titans)
Squier Vintage Modified 70s Jazz V
Audient iD22 interface
Peavey Revalver 4, UAD Friedman BE100/DS40
Adam S3A monitors
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Jackson Randy Rhoads series.They are REALLY comfortable to play and they sound great
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Jackson Randy Rhoads, light, comfortable, great sounding, thin fretboard, great for hard rock and metal.
Agile AL's because they're great Les Pauls for people who don't throw thousands of dollars out the window.
My Gear:
Agile AL-3000 Honeyburst
Peavey Vypyr 15w
Gibson Les Paul VOS: Just sexy.
Fender Stratocaster: I like the blues.
B.C. Rich Mockingbird: They're beautiful.
Gibson Les Paul. There is not one thing I can think of that don't love about this guitar.
Fender Stratocaster: Timeless design with an incredible sound.
My Gear:
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 in Charcoal Burst

ENGL Powerball I V2

Ibanez Jemini
Vintage '70s Thomas Organ Crybaby Wah
Boss DD-6
ES-335: I love the sound and tone, feels good, looks nice
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Feels fantastic, plays fantastic, sounds fantastic, looks fantastic. Nuff said.
peavey hp special usa.

b/c every thing stock on them is perfect.
outstanding neck.
perfectly balanced.
A quality guitar at a good price.
i like a lot of the godin guitars. they feel really nice imo and sound great. i have a godin freeway classic and i love it. im able to get some really meaty tones from it. im able to get les paul'ish sounds with the bridge and real thick SRV tones from the neck. so its like having a gibson and fender in one.

i like strats and les pauls but i dont like playing them too much. with the strat, i always hit the selector switch which is annoying. and i just dont like the feel of a les paul too much and its harder to play violin swells. plus, strats have the single coils. which i dont mind so much but ive gotten so used to humbuckers that i just dont like single coils as much anymore. my godin has HSH which i think is perfect. i use the middle pickup and the inbetween selections mostly for rhythm and then the neck and bridge for solos.

so id say my freeway is my favorite right now. in terms of feel and sound i havent found something i like more yet.
My favourite's a draw between my Ibanez S470 and an SG like so:

S470: cheap, ticks every single box I wanted for my second guitar, extremely versatile, great trem, thin body, light, great sound (c'mon, INF pickups ain't that bad, the bridge and middle are Alnico V), well-built and superb neck. I like the value for money this guitar gives, and it just feels right playing it on stage.

SG: superb looks, greater sound, thin body, nice neck, superb upper fret access (couldn't fault it even compared to a neck-thru), simple and easy to play.

I think even if I had both at once, the Ibanez would be my straight-out favourite, but the SG would defo be a close second.

Ibanez S470
Laney HCM30R
Digitech GNX3000
Jackson Dinky's. The only guitar I'll ever play. It feels like it was made for me.
I love les pauls! The just fit me the best.

that being said even though I love LPs, I use mostly superstrat type guitars with my bands because they cut through the mix better
My Gear
-Gibson Les Paul Tribute (Bare Knuckle Nailbombs)
-Ibanez "lawsuit" Les Paul (Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentinent)
-Ibanez S470 (Dimarzio D-sonic and Humbucker from Hell)
-PRS SE Custom (Guitarforce Black Diamond and Lord of the Blues)

Marshall TSL100
EVH 5150III EL-34 50w
Marshall 1960a cab

Dunlop 535q wah
Boss Super Chorus
Bogner Uberschall
Ibanez DE7 Delay
Electro-Harmonix Power Booster
Fender PT100 Pedal Tuner

Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom 10-52
Ibanez RGs with reverse headstock, just because they play awesome, are cheap and dont look small on me cos I'm about 200cm lol. Oh, and they look f***ing sweeeeet!
Jackson DK2M
Washburn WD-18SW
Ibanez RGR421EXFM
Genz Benz El Diablo 100w -> Framus Dragon 412
Boss GE-7
Ibanez TS-9
I have a strange passion for electric guitars and basses... like many people with cars

- Gibson SG (Special and Standard) --> to me, simply the best guitar. Devilish, classic but modern look and design, all-fret accessibility, light & thin, unique crunchy, muddy and clean tones, beatiful cherry or wine red colors.

- Fender Stratocaster --> simple but functional design, comfortable, solid, versatile for almost all styles, customizable.

- Fender Jazz Bass --> "treble & bass" pickup tone combinations make it the simplest, most effective bass. Nice body shape.

- Fender Precision Bass '51 --> beatiful, "aerodyne" look. Just one pickup to rock.

- Jackson DK2 / Ibanez RG1570 --> for modern sounds, killer but elegant look, floyd-rose plus fast action and bright tones allow a lot of experimentation. Superstrats.
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