Hello everyone I would like some help on my problems with guitar.

I bought my Ibanez GRG 170DX long time ago, but now when i'm getting better and better I'm finding out that guitar isn't set so good.

Problems are these:

1. 3rd guitar string(G) buzzes if I play it unplugged I can clearly hear how it buzzes, it also makes problems at distortion, because it sounds much more ''sharp'' than other strings that don't buzz. String always buzzed, if i had smaller strings on or bigger, doesn't matter. Other strings don't buzz.

2. This is also a big problem. Not so long time ago I changed to thicker strings, that's why I also had to add one spring in the guitar so my tremolo/bridge is parallel with neck. But here is a big problem. From the 12th to the 24th fret on the sixth string(E) the sound is losing the tone. That's why tone doesn't sustain long enough. There is not enough tone.

What can I do, please help
Sounds like you just need a basic setup...fine adjustment of the trem setup (i.e. springs, intonation, etc.) and truss rod.
best not to try yourself if you dont know how to do it

take it to a guitar shop and get it done by some pros, because you can dor eal damage to your guitar if you star messing around with that stuff and dont understand it
u can get a book at ur local book store for under 10 dollars..
or do a free online tutorial

gonna need to set the relief

ur gonna need some allen wrenches to adjust the truss rod..
after u get directions turning it only a tiny bit at a time is totally safe...
many discourage you from doing this because it is a good way to ruin a guitar.

Just remember...TINY turns...1/8th of a turn..or less

and when u added that spring u totally threw off intonation most likely..
set that too

u might not of even needed a spring..just screw in the screws inside the body
that hold the trem in place...some people loosen them so the trem is tilted
on purpose..(floating trem) ..and they can bend pitches up and down..ala floyd rose.
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