Nice. Especially liked the solo; very melodic. Would sound killer with so sick drum beats, and some killer vocals. Throw together a band and record an album, and if all your songs are up to that standard I'd definately put that in my CD collection.
If you give me a cubase file with that riff i'll arrange some phat drums.
all roads lead to rome
hey thanks! id love to hear some drums, but how do i make it a cubase file? i recorded it on audacity and can convert to a bunch of different things, but i dont see cubase...i dont know much about that kind of stuff yet, but i can export it to the following files (wav,aiff,gsm,mp3,ogg vorbis,flac,mp2,m4a,ac3,amr,wma) should i do one of those and send it to you?
Cubase is a program a bit like audacity but a lot more powerful and its used in real studios. He wants you to send him a project file so he can open it and record or trigger the drums over it but theres no way for you to do it.
Its a good piece, i wouldnt mind doing some vocals for it but i only have crappy equipment at the moment, what kind of stuff are you looking for? Amon-Amarthish, deeper, higher?
anything you got. i love the amon amarth vocals, and there are a few parts that would sound good high as well. the chorus reminded me of in flames alot, so maybe something in that vain? id be stoked if you tried, and anything you think sounds good would be great
This was amazing!! if the sound quality had been better this would have blown me away! all the techy sweeps and stuff sounded really sweet.. you just need drums and vocals and this song is good to go

Itd be sweet to hear it with some better recording equipment though
If you had a way of recording the guitar better, I could do the drum and bass tracks for you and send them...
thanks for all the awesome comments, ill definetly get around to re recording once my audacity stops being a jerk, and ive borrowed a friends recorder to hopefully clean it up alot. so blakealan ill hopefully take you up on that, i really hope someone can do drums! and if you have a minute check out my old old death metal band with crappy drums, its pretty funny and cool
Holy **** man, This whole song you just dont quit - Some of the progressions seem metalcorish at first but some of the crazy leads harmonies overshadow that. I could only imagine this drums, way to be!
This song makes me realize I have a long way to go as a guitarist Really pro stuff man 10/10. The only complaint i can personally think of is there's maybe too many harmonics, it almost takes the value away from them, the harmonic impact. I think with a slight lessening of harmonics it would flow a fraction smoother.