I'm a 16 (almost 17) year old bassist living in St.Albans (Hertfordshire) England, looking to play in any heavy genre band (Metal/Metalcore/Scremo/Etc); basicaly anything that makes a loud noise

I currently play:

A 93 Musicman Stringray V Five string in stranded Tuning (BEADG) and a Yamaha RBX270 for drop tunings (C Standard/Drop C/ D Standard). These go into a Ashdown Mini ABM 15 cab through a Wawrick Pro Fet 3.2 300watt head. Since I'm only using one cab I can probably pull about 160Watts max, but another cab could probably be supplied if needed.

Check out some of the stuff I've recorded on my profile

I'm also interesting in writing music and learning some needed music theory (of which I know a little, but less than I'd like), if that is of any use.
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