lucien creeps in through the midnight window
left open on a warm summer night
all smiles.
he's the ghost of good times
that i haven't had for a while now
ghost of old friends -
it's not easy to stay in touch
when you live an everyday life
a job and a family and
pleasant aquaintances
they all take so much time.
and when lucien comes home
there's a shameful regret
in my bashful eyes
startling and piercing blue
and they see past him to the memory
of last year
or the one before that.
when he speaks
i hear only a whisper of the waste
this past year has been.

lucien what happened to the road?
lucien what happened to the laughs?
what pals
what drinks
what sunsets have i missed?
lucien, what girls?
what of the stolen moments spent
ruining those pretty

lucien what hope?
what malady that keeps me so
nine to five?
what malady that keeps me
living with my mother
drinking in my room
apathetic and

love is a dog from hell.

At some parts while reading it, it gave me the impression that Lucien was telling his own story, and at some other parts someone else talking of his experience with Lucien.

This end felt weird, like this could go on abit more. But nonetheless, i really liked the first paragraph.

edit : if you don't mind having a look at "Remember." in my sig. =p
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