Hello, so I bought a Stealthplug (Guitar to USB cable) and I've been using it with Guitar Rig 3 and it's been working quite well, I've been messing around with a bunch of different settings/presets.

So I want to start recording some tracks now. I have it set as an ASIO device, but when I go to my recording program (I use KRYSTAL studios right now) and assign it to the same ASIO device, it doesn't work.

Apparently I can only use an ASIO device with ONE program at a time. I need to use both (Effects and Recording!)

How can I get around this problem?
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I dont think that would work anyway. As setting the device to be used with two different pieces of software would just split the input into two, not take the signal from Guitar Rig.
You could try recording straight from your computers Stereo Mix.
Is there any way to record only the signal from Guitar Rig? Any programs that will do this? I'd really like to get some tracks from this, I have some great effects I want to use.
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Use Guitar Rig as a VST plugin inside your software mixer.

How exactly do I do this?