that was pretty awesome. I think it would have been better with more volume on the lead. Other then that good job.
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What's the matter, couldn't find anyone that could handle the vox competantly?

Seriously though, it's tight and I agree with silverchair fan that the wah guitar works fairly well. A few of it's fills though sound a little cluttered or rushed to me.
The last lick is a killer and you changed it! That lick makes the song!

Aw man no sweat thats just me being picky cos i like that lick lol.

Sweet cover as usual your stuff is always good. Tone always great.

Check my covers and crit one if you wouldn't mind/have the time. If you could crit the comfortably numb solo i'd appreciate it.

By the way what do you use to record?
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Well done man..i thought it was great!! If i'm right you did a Decadence Dance cover...i remember the pic of you with the les paul.
EDIT: Ah just noticed the nuno in your name...probably was you then.
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That sounds amazing man. I love the sound of the lead, what kind of wah are you using?
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