They look pretty legit
And there are a lot of cool youtube vids

So do we liek them? 250 watts is pretty good for what Im playing at the moment and there are three choices; single 15, 2x10, and single 12. I feel like the 15 could get me a pretty good sound for anything and at 600 USD its a pretty good price if the quality matches other Hartke products. Comments on these amps?
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They're pretty awesome, IMO. I love hartke's tone, and they have a good set of features. Hartke stuff is generally built very well, and I imagine that these are no exception.
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it's usually agreed that 12" speakers are great standalone cabs but if you plan to add a cabinet later I'd get the 15 or 2x10. that way you can just get the other type of speaker and fill in the tone then. That said i do like 15's and 12's more than even a 4x10. I run 2 4x10s and that works well. seems to add some low end with all the speakers helping each other.
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they have a really nice top end zingy ring when you play. thats what i hear from the youtube videos.