I'm not to sure if this belongs here but. . . I give guitar lessons and my mom said that you have to be a "certified guitar instructer" and it's illegal if you do even if i'm just giving guitar lessons locally. I know a guy who just teaches chords for pretty much an hour and he pretty much knows nothing on music theory. Is this true? . . . Stupid question but yeah :P
I don't know why it would be illegal to teach someone to play an instrument without a 'license' or a certification. Probably one of the dumbest things i've ever heard in my life. Its not like you can do irreparable damage by teaching someone something untrue about the instrument.
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As long as you are not selling yourself and advertising yourself as a PROFESSIONAL teacher, then I see no harm in it. You can even make a profit out of it, but like I said you can't claim you are a professional.
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