Okay, so on my old beat around guitar, which probably shouldn't be my beat around guitar, but is anyway, I put rock and blues strings. They're great but they won't stay in tune whatsoever. My old ones did and they were the exact same type. If you're not familiar with rock and blues strings, they're basically bottom half acoustic, top half electric. So you can bend? Now it's an old Stella harmony or Harmony stella or whatev. You know? Idk if I can tweak the tuners to make them a little more stiff? Or just get a different type of string? They don't have to bend, it's just cool to have, but I want to be able to play songs on it without constantly retuning. It's for campouts and stuff, so it's annoying to have to retune after every single song. Also, it's smaller, unless all stella harmonys are small. and it only goes to the twelfth fret. so It may be a student version. The case I bought for it is a student size.
try overtightening just a bit until they have stretched out. i had that problem with my classical for like 3 months but after cranking them up for a week or so they stretched out nice and i rarely have to tune it anymore.
You just need to stretch the new strings as rougesound has stated.

Just grab them and give em a gentle pull, tune up, pull em some more and repeat until they stay in tune when you pull them.
It's rare for the tuners to be at fault for such problems. It's more likely that you haven't stretched them out fully or something else. How many winds did you put at the tuning posts?
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imo, 2-3 winds with a locking string crossover for tricky tuners, lube all string contact points and stretch strings, like said.

also the student size shouldnt be a issue unless you are playing up the neck and are noticing intonation problems.

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