I didn't quite know where to put this, but since its not a basic skill, and i plan to mainly play on the acoustic (cos i lurve it ), i'll pop it here

Basically, i don't know where to start! I saw a video on youtube of some girl teaching me a real basic riff... Lemme find it...

Here it isss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIueIIoupjY

It's funky and i enjoyed playing it. So where to know?

I know basic technique, although generally i think i need a different slide, feels weird on my finger. Bit long maybe? Meh.

So anyway, any advice, and some pokes in the right direction , or just general slide related posts, players to listen to or something, hit me up!! Thanks a lot.
mmm.. slide guitar.. yummy.
check out johnny and santo (or santo and jonny) either way
and some queens of the stone age for some epic slide work
Ben Harper has some good easy/intermediate (and some hard **** as well).
Hello shredder !

Very good slide and hot blond, the tune she plays is an old blues like "not fade away"
Listen to the first albums of the Rolling stones
You can come to my page, I also play acoustic slide on my last compositions
Ahh cool thanks for the replies everyone!

Any songs i can try to learn?

Also, i've never tried playing in an open tuning, and dont know what to go for! I've heard open G tuning is nice?

Would that be G, B, D G, D, G?
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Nobody's Fault but Mine on Zeps Physical Graffiti is killer slide. Especially if you watch Jimmy Play it live. It's on the Double DVD set from a couple of years back.
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Uh Walkin blues from Eric Clapton was one of the first I learned,And if you like that look up some Muddy Waters beacuse Eric Clapton actually stole the tune from a Muddy Waters tune called "I feel like goin home"...and if you become a totall blues buff check out the original writer of that song,Robert Johnson.
^ Ya beat me too it ya bugger! I was going to say Walkin' blues also. But if you wanna learn from the master, buy Robert Johnson: The Complete Recordings.
I do like Robert Johnson Not like a major blues buff, but i know a fair bit

I'll try learnin' the Walkin' Blues
Open G (D G D G B D) and Open E (E B E G# B E) are the best on acoustic.

Check out Son House's "Death Letter" for a simple Open G riff.