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Ok so, i've been searching UG for things to do with my 500 bucks, and a 12 string is a serious possibility. If i went with an amp I'd probably go a couple 100 bucks over improving it, and if I went with bare knuckle pick ups, I wouldn't have an amp to show to beastly they sound.


So I'm looking for a 12 acoustic guitar for under 500 bucks. If there's any other questions that are needed to be answered before any suggestions are given, ask away and I'll be glad to answer.
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i just bought an old 12 string for 80 bucks and its one of the best guitars i have. the wood is all set and the tone is great. its about 10 years old and broken in nicely. check out craigslist in your area for some you can get a good deal, people buy em and dont like em or never play em, and you can get a great deal.
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hm...Good idea thanks for the tip.
I'm gonna check out my local craigslist now.

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Kijiji.... all the 12 strings are under $500. 12 strings have brutal resale, so don't buy new.

I don't know that you'd get as lucky as the poster above, but you should look at paying about 25 to 35 % of what the original retail price was unless it's a real collectors guitar from the 70's or something. Often people sell the 12 strings because they sound slightly out of tune etc. Usually they just need the slightest truss rod adjust, or ...even just someone with a better ear for that matter. Point is, they sell cheap second hand. Even pawnshops sell 'em cheap.
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