Experimenting with tons of tones from guitar rig 3. Really fun song to play, nice use of chords and an absence of chugging power chords. Solo is towards the end, if you impatient for shredding, skip ahead (~1:50). The solo has a really nice tone to it I think, let me know what you think. C4C

(1st one)
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That was...amazing.

If you ever get a band, and make an album, I want first dibs.
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solo was great, tone was good, only problem i thought was that the drums seemed like they ****ed up here and there but im not sure it might be supposed to sound like that
great job
i ment a vocalist in a band.... not for that song. ahah. =) You said in your profile you wanna make it big with music. well me too. I definitely don't have the skill you do with lead guitar tho. lmao
Haha, well hopefully I'll find a band when I go to Japan this summer. Language barrier will be challenging though.