A friend of mine recently got a new bass for Christmas. He got Paolo Gregolettos[Trivium] signature bass. We are both very unfamiliar with active pickups. He puts a 9v battery in it and after 10 minutes it starts to sound distorted and ****ty..then in 20 minutes. it dies. He goes through like 8, 9v battery's in 2 days. What are we missing? whats wrong? should he be buying specific batters. Please help me. My friend put a lot of money into the bass and i dont wanna see it go to waste.. also. dont flame on me because i dont know something. Please >_>
Hmm, this is not right at all!

Can't actually think of a reason why this would be happening, I can only recommend you take it to a qualified tech. Really don't think you could be the cause of this, batteries in active basses last for months with regular use.

Is your friend able to take it back to the shop he got it from?
unfortunately he bought it off the internet.. So returning it would be the last option. But if it comes down to it. it can be done
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Nah, don't return it, just take it to your local music store and have it checked out. 9V batteries in basses usually last at LEAST six months, but 12, 16, or even 24 months is not unheard of.
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make sure you're unplugging it when you're not using it, and open up the back of the bass and check for shorts and loose wires.

^my batteries last like 1-2 months but i emailed the manufacturer site and they said that's about normal..did they lie to me
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you need to unplug the battery in an active bass when your not playing it plugged in?
Try adding more delay.
^Yep. The cord being in the jack is what turns the preamp on.

Capslock, it varies by how much you use it, and what bass it is. I imagine it's fine.
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even if he left it plugged in 8 batteries in 2 days is ridiculous. I'd take it to a shop and ask if they'll do a free diagnosis. or email the company that made the bass. They may point you to a shop that's certified to work on their basses and as it should still be under warranty will do it for free.
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Take it to a tech in that case.

I've not heard of this problem before, I can only imagine that there is a fault in the preamp that is causing the battery to drain so quickly.

Even an active bass left plugged in shouldn't drain anywhere near that quickly.
Heck, i can't thin of many things that would drain a 9V in 2 hours to be honest..

As everyone else has stated, a tech is your best bet..