I recently sold my Ashdown 4x10" Bass amp and have started to focus more on guitar- and therefore want to buy a guitar.

I played an Ibanez s-470 in a local music store and it blew me away and desperately want one- but since I am a student- i get discount at GAK.co.uk

Through variety in choice with the discount- i get the following yield of potential guitars.

Out of these- the 2 guitars that have really caught my eye are the S670FM and the S520EX. So I guess what I'm trying to get at is... Which one suites me best?

The music I Play is primarily metal: Lamb of God, Pantera, Megadeth, Dream Theater.

I'm most worried about the pickup wiring- as the S670FM is wired so that you can't use neck and bridge at once (see on ibanez website- cannot be linked- dynamic webpage -_-) Whereas the 520EX has the more versatile wiring layout.

It would be nice for someone to shine some on this for me!
Thanks for any posts!
I wouldnt base your decision off the wiring, we could always hook you up with a diagram to change it. Its really easy.
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Personally, Id go with the S670FM. The passive PUPS will be better suited to your needs and the ability to easily mod the PUPS is another big plus. Not that I am down on actives. In fact my Ibanez has actives in it. And acitves can easily be replaced as well. But the market for active PUPS isnt all that great. Passives is the way to go IMO. But you really should play them both and make sure you like either of them before forking out the cash for something that "caught your eye."

Thats my 2 cent. For what its worth...
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Thanks for that schismed and woodsballplayer.

I feel much more heavily attracted over to the S670FM now- because of the paint job and pickups and am not so un-easy about the wiring!

I wouldn't have thought there'd be much difference in the playing between the S470B and the S670FM- since they have the same 3-piece Wizard II neck, body (except the maple top) and bridge?