I am looking to buy a few acoustics in the near future for practice, gigging, recording, and just jamming around with friends. I have come down to a few different choices for a straight foreword acoustic, acoustic-electric, and a classical/classical acoustic-electric. But I would like some imput on the guitars before I go out searching nearby towns for the guitars to try.


Alvarez PD100S Professional Series Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 110
Taylor 210

*What is the difference between the Taylor 110 and 210 in terms of tone and feel?


Martin DCX1KE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Alvarez Professional Series PD80SC Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Cutaway

Classical Acoustic/Acoustic-Electric

Yamaha CG201S Classical Guitar
Yamaha CGX171CCA Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Alvarez Artist Series AC60SC Classical Acoustic-Electric Cutaway
So would anyone like to voice their opinion on whether these guitars are decent or answer my question on the taylor models?
Your question is way to Open ended me thinks. "Few acoustics" and the your links are comparing a lot of apples/oranges.

First off, why a few guitars. Why not put your list of needs together and look for a freaking awesome guitar. If you buy a bunch of average guitars to fill several needs, you're going to lose value on all of 'em.

Pool your money, and watch Kijiji. Guessing by some of the guitars you listed, I'm thinking you've got more that $1000 to spend. With a $1000 you can get a guitar that is only a year or two old and retailed for $2000 and since the original owner takes the de-valuation hit, you stand to break even or even profit if you ever decide to sell.

It's nice to have lots of guitars, I know... I used to have about 15 or more $200 - $500 acoustics and electrics. When I finally pooled all that money and bought some quality instruments.... well.... it's like .... a steak sandwich is pretty decent until you have a properly cooked fillet, and then it's difficult to go back.

I just bought a Taylor 310 for a similar price as what you've listed above. It's a solid wood guitar and kicks ass on anything in the list above... and I'll sell it in a year for $800,
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Thats true, but I would like to have an acoustic electric for recording songs, and the cut out is what I am mainly interesting in for that. I'd like a regular acoustic for performances, and a classical guitar for well, fingerpicking classical songs.

But can someone at least tell me what the difference is between the Taylor 110 and 210? I mean I see that the body woods are different, but why is it that the pseudo-mahogany is cheaper than the rosewood body by $150, how does this affect tone, and why do I see lower ratings for the 210 on Musiciansfriend and Guitar Center, is it because of quality or just the fact that its more expensive, just questions like that. And if anyone has played the yamahas, and or what is the best wood type for a classical acoustic guitar?