Okay, so I never though I'd part with this, but since I've gotten my Parker I've been neglecting this guitar and really see no reason to keep it. I'm not a fan of hoarding guitars and I could really use the money for a new amp or something.

Specs are as follows:
*One piece alder body
*One piece maple neck with rosewood fretboard
*See-thru emerald green finish
*Seymour Duncan Fullshred bridge humbucker
*Original Floyd Rose bridge
*One volume and one tone with a three way switch that toggles between full humbucker, split and out of phase.
*Tremel-No installed and set to hardtail mode.

I am the second owner of this guitar. I owned it for a year and the previous owner had it for the other twenty-five. Guitar is in very good condition with very little fret wear and considering the age it's pretty impressive. There are a couple dings on the back and the face has a bunch of little hairline scratches in the finish but you really have to be looking for them. The non-chrome plated parts of the OFR and locking nut are starting rust, but I believe you could clean it off if you know what you are doing.

Guitar is completely stock except for the bridge humbucker and the tremel-no, but I will include the original humbucker and the trem spring claw so if you want to return it to exactly how it was when it left the factory in 1983 you can.

Although not pictured, the guitar will come with the original back plate, locking nuts and trem bar.

Guitar will ship in HSC.

I'm asking for $650 + shipping paypal'd (obo), which is what I paid except without the sh-10, the tremel-no, and the HSC. Definetely not interested in guitar trades, but possibly amps.

If you've got any questions, ask away.

Photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thetian/sets/72157614320563613/
that thing is ****ing nice. bumpidy bump bump. good luck selling it
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beauty axe.
wish i needed a guitar with an FR so i could have an excuse to buy it.