Hello again :P
After finding out this wonderful new tuning, Dropow, A I am here to ask a Huge favor.
I learned alot of Suicide Silence, All Shall perish, slipknot, etc song
and I still can't make up any riffs :'{
I try but it's all boring.
Can anyone help me?
listen to more music and focus on the guitar parts. hear how they harmonize/clash, look at tabs and learn techniques picking patterns. You can't really rush good writing...the more you write the better you get.

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Maybe try playing around with some of their riffs and changing stuff around to make it your own
Yeah... evaluate what your favorite bands do.
Learn from them, but don't try to copy the style completely.
And if you're listening to All Shall Perish, you better be ****ing good.
Sweeping, Mad crazy Hammer-ons, tapping everywhere, all kinds of technique. Slipknot is very basic. And Suicide Silence just... sucks.

Also, you can get amazingly deep and heavy tone and sound from Dropped D.
The Harmonic 5th, I believe is the one that Winds Of Plague use. And they sound generally heavier than any band using Dropped A.
And you know, Slipknot uses Dropped A in like, 2 songs or something.
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Try palmuting, coupled with fast picking and different kinds of minor scales. Play notes from the minor scales in groups of four or five that sound good. Definitely throw in some hammer-ons then immediate pull-offs to some sections to get that legato sound. Legato can sound good at fast tempos for sure. Phrases are essential; find good sounding phrases and build songs off of that. Hope that helps.
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well i have a ibanez 7string so i detune to drop A and use it alot. for those particular bands, be sure to pinch harmonic often, but dont overuse it. a lot of suicide silence songs are pretty much chords on the first 5 frets with pinch harmonics ever so often. do some pedalpoint on ur lowest string (meaning hammer on, P-o starting on a fret and adding different notes like 8-0-7-0-5-0-3-0-2-0-3-0-5-0-7-0) idk get into it. definitley go back to the open A chord oftten in chord progressions, do some galloping and interesting chugga patterns. maybe do some chromatic riffs on the higher A or D strings and go back to the open A periodically. just make sure to have ur own sound. dont base it off to much of these bands. and MustangMan311 is right none of those r grindcore (dr. acula is and theyre wicked sick) and slipknot isnt deathcore but not all influences have to be in wat genre u want to play, so its cool man
don't limit yourself to drop A, dimmu borgir do some pretty heavy **** in D standard.
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