My senior year is sucking pretty bad, and since the beginning year I've pretty much been in a perpetually pissed off mood, which is not helped by the fact that 99% of the bands I listen to are metal. I really can't find any good music that isn't metal, so I'm asking UG to suggest some bands to me now. The only nonmetal/not-angry bands I have so far are..

Aeon Spoke
some Porcupine Tree
some Blackfield
Liquid Tension Experiment
some Dream Theater

And I believe that's all. I don't like grunge, I hate punk, don't really like any of the newer pop punk stuff, don't like classic rock, and I despise Radiohead, Muse, and Oasis. So yeah. If you could help me, I'd appreciate it.
Hey mate, tried to post in your thread in the Pit but it has since been closed so I'll put it here:

If you are saying you don't want to listen to Metal, but you're also saying "I don't like this, I don't like that," then you're never going to find anything. Expand, open your mind a little

There are genres I don't particularly like, yet there are still artists who play those genres that I appreciate. Don't look at something as belonging to a genre, just listen to it for what it is, music.

You say you don't like newer pop-punk, and I don't really either, but I suggest you try Motion City Soundtrack. It's kinda pop-punk, but it's different and fun. Jason Mraz is pretty cool, and there's no way I can listen to About to Crash (Reprise) by Dream Theater and not smile, simply because it's so uplifting.

EDIT: Also, look to my sig. I have no idea what genre you would place Diorama as, but it's awesome. It's kinda rock meets pop meets broadway. Plus a tiny bit of grunge in places.




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Korpiklaani, Trollfest, Cruachan, Falkenbach, etc. Folk metal bands. Harder to find than most metal but the folk influence generally leads to a much happier sound.
Some of the following are classic rock but try them out anyway.

Pink Floyd
Midnight Oil
Hot Action Cop
Tom Petty
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rage Against the Machine
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The Grateful Dead

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