Who else kept every one of their cards? Ive got hundreds.
I think its funny that I got my dad to pay 20 bucks for a holographic Blastoise.
And its even funnier how everyone kept their cards, anticipating the day that theyd be able to cash them in for serious money years from now. However, that seems unlikely now considering damn near everyone has kept up with their cards.
i hav a **** load! haha and ur right, everyone wanted to cash them in when they were worth more yet everyone i know still has them! lol. the place by me only buys SUPER rare cards and they dont buy any bulk cards so im stuck with them fo a while...
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Quote by tatatotfolife
I gave em all to my brother, but I kept all my Yu-Gi-Oh cards
I know. I'm a loser

Pfft, I sold all my YuGiOh cards and chose to keep my Pokemon cards. Indeed you lose
I threw away all my pokemon cards when i turned 13.
biggest mistake of my life
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
or not to... find one of the three thousand others
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