Hi there, sorry if this isnt the correct place for this question... im pretty new here.

Im buying one of theese 3 pedalboards, all 3 cost about the same

Vox Tonelab LE

Vox Tonelab SE

Boss GT 3

All 3 are used, im playing classic rock... been playing for about 6 years now. Love pink floyd sound, thats what im looking for, but still im and average player, not very good.

Wich of these would you recommend? and Why?
Would u recommend me another pedalboard? for about 200, 220 usd?

not into multi effects. however, i've tried an amp with all of those effects and it was alright.
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judging by looks, (which means absolutely nothing) the Boss looks great. But the Vox Tonelab SE looks like it may be better. Also i gear great things about Zoom's pedalboards
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