Finally got a set of GFS pickups. I got the GFS power rail for the bridge and then the Dream 180 for neck. I also got a new pickguard cuz I like having the pickguard on but the cream colored one was kinda ugly in my opinion. Looks great. And more importantly, sounds much better than the regular Epiphone pickups. The harmonics chime in much much better. Finally, I can hear the harmonics on my fat string and natural harmonics on lower frets like 3 much much better. Things arent so muddy anymore. I installed them myself, and overall, it cost me $100 for everything.

Only thing is, im not sure i put the pickguard on right. Theres a bolt that goes in it near the center that has a fat head, but it doesnt really screw into anything xcept the metal piece protruding from the bottom. Its really loose and I fear it will fall out. Other than that, great .
how's the bridge pickup? is it real high gain or just higher gain for clarity?
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Its just a standard epi LP. The original pickups stank. Compared to the old pickup, the new bridge is higher gain with much more clarity. I haven't pumped the volume up too high yet cuz its gettin late, and I can't say how much better the eq response will be, altho it seemed as if my old eq settings were boosted a bit. Havent got clips yet either, hopefully tomorrow? I dont have good recording equipment besides my cellphone or my digital cam.