if you just look in some topics over here you'll get exactly the information you need..i think there's even a topic about best acoustic for below 300 $...hope that helps
Price range, sound you want, stuff you'll be playing? Steel string or nylon? Electric-Acoustic or just Electric?
More info is needed.
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Acoustic-Electric or Acoustic, Cutaway or no Cutaway. My price range is $300 or below.

I've looked a few models such as the Yamaha FG720S, the Luna Muse M,Fender CD-60,Yamaha FG700S,Alvarez Artist Series AD60K,Alvarez RD20S,Fender DG100,Yamaha F345,Ibanez AW30NT

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okay just to let you know, there is a GREAT sticky thread for that. It lists the best acoustics for under $300 as suggested by people on ultimateguitar over time. look there and you;ll find something.
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