Ok, my ltd v-500 originally came with active emgs and the only ground was the one on the output jack. Well i've switched to duncan passives and i have this very annoying hum which only goes away if i touch the guitar knobs. I was told i need to ground it to my bridge. How exactly do i do that? My guitar is string thru. Im assuming i need to route through the bridge pick up cavity so i can get to the bridge posts but then how do i solder it on? Can i unscrew the bridge posts and stuff?

Drill a hole from the pickup or control cavity to the bottom of the hole for one of the sleeves for the bridge. You would have to pull the sleeve to do it. You might check and see if they didnt just tuck the bridge ground wire somewhere. The other option is if there isnt a hole there already run a wire from under the pickguard to the bridge. The pic posted the pickguard is really close to the lower end of the bridge a 1/4" of exposed black wire might be easier than drilling holes and pulling sleeves.
I know how what to do to ground the bridge on the guitar I'm making but can someone tell me what sort of wire I need please? Will just any thin insulated wire do??
Should need nothing more than 16 or 18 guage primary wire.
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