I really want to learn how to use a voice box but i do not know how. Do i need a pedalboard or microphone to use one?
Well generally you use your diaphragm to push the air out of your lungs, and as it passes through your voice box it should produce sound, which you can then shape in your mouth. You shouldn't need any special equipment, as people have been able to use their voices boxes since the dawn of time.

Maybe you should try the singing sticky for singing questions?
I am assuming you mean talkbox, and the talkbox projects sounds through a tube, into your mouth, with which, you alter the projection of tone by moving the muscles in the throat, along with movements of the toung and lips.

And the way most work is, by passing the guitar through the TB, and then a microphone picks up what comes out of your mouth, and that goes to the amp, but for the sake of pure player enjoyment, as in playing with one just for fun, by yourself, a microphone is not nessacery

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Depends if you are using the traditional Dunlop type or the more reliable Rocktron Banshee.

Either way you send your amplified signal into your mouth for you to shape the sound into a microphone that will come out of the PA.
I have the Banshee

its literally just a plastic tube running from the pedal (which is really a small amp) to your mouth.

you put the tube in your mouth and play.

most people tie it off to a mic stand... but i have no problems just fooling around while holding it with my teeth and whatever.

theres no singing.. you shape your mouth to the "tone" you want to hear... its really a Wah pedal sorta sound.. but you can have some good fun.

if you get it i suggest sitting around for a few days with some friends... and see if you cant have a convo with them through the talk box... itll get you used to actually trying to "speak" through it... Frampton style
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I have a Banshee and I'm not so good with it yet (I keep it at home) but it's a lot of fun.

When using it, you send a tube from a stompbox to your mouth. The tube blasts sound into your mouth. As you make different shapes with your mouth, the sound is "shaped" and with some practice you can make it sound like words. The shaped sound is then picked up by a microphone. The signal from your pickups does not actually reach an amplifier.