i've been playing guitar for a year now and ive have lessons for 11months. I cant take lessons anymore and ive been trying really hard to learn but it is really difficult. Also, when ever i look online for guitar tabs they are always wrong. For those people who teach themselfs how do you do it, buy books?
The lessons on UG are great, and for many songs the tabs are really close, if not exact (some are taken from official tablature...)

I've been playing about a year (not counting my year I didn't play for more then 5-10 minutes a month...) and am 99.99% self taught. (Had 2 "lessons" with the guitarist who was in a band upstairs at my old place. I'll say this, he was a horrible teacher, but a good guitarist. He didn't teach me chords, string names, ANY theory at all, just taught me what a power chord is, and taught me Enter Sandman by Metallica (no solo), and corrected me when I made mistakes playing...

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
I learned just by learning how to play easy songs that I wanted to, and got progressively more advanced as I went along. If you can't find a tab you think is right then try figuring the song out on your own by ear. It takes longer, but it's more rewarding and helps train your ear. I do recommend learning an even mix of theory (from lessons on UG and such) and songs, because I made the mistake of just learning songs for years, and I ended up getting stuck for awhile.

www.cyberfret.com is one site I recommend checking out for online lessons.