As the title states, I am looking for a female voice for a song I have just composed and began recording. If you have a nice voice and some way to record it feel free to drop me a message. I am only looking for a female harmony over my male lead.

The song is basically a love story, torn by death in the end, highly focused on the "love story" between Sam and Rosie from Lord of the Rings. Yeah, it is nerdy; but I needed something to run with and what I have penned is pretty decent as far as I am concerned. I inevitably altered the story so conceptually Sam dies, but whatever. haha.

Lastly, the song is highly ambient, atmospheric, and symphonic. I am just letting you know.

If you are interested, drop me a message and I will work on sending you the music with my vocals included. Thanks!

The lyrics:

She had a glimmer in her eyes

That made my tormented soul come to life

She deeply gazed into my heart

And we danced like the evening would never part…

She had ribbons in her hair

That tossed like the sweetest wind (upon her face)

My tears flickered on the flames (of this life)

As she whispered in my dreams, one last time…

Oh, my love…

Your shadow like the astral sky

Ignites the heavens pale moonlight

And forge a silhouette across the evening night

So that I may imagine your ethereal morning rise.
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