I spilt a drink on my mouse pad the other day, the mouse is fine, but it doesnt respond to the mouse pad now even though its completely dry? This makes no sense at all, does anyone have a theory? (Fabric pad, rubber base, laser mouse)
Why is the rum always gone?
Mice work better if you keep them in their cage.

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Because it's killing me.
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It got in the laser spot under the mouse?

EDIT: What type of mouse is this about

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Why worry about it? just get another pad
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Why worry about it? just get another pad

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Keep it in the wheel and stop feeding it. You dont want fat and lazy mice do you?

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Mice only need pads 3-5 days a month. It's obviously not that time.

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jimmybanks youre a genius

Ha.... I laughed at reading the responses.

Well, My only guess would be the laser can't sense something that was wet.

But that's kinda odd.
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Thanks for some funny responses, but your mostly idiots, funny idiots, but idiots none the less. It works fine on my desk but the desk is not smooth, it just doesnt make an ounce of sense why a little water stopped it from being a mouse pad?
Why is the rum always gone?
That is weird. I'll think about it, but I don't think I'll be able to come up with a reason.
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Disect the mouse?There may be internal bleeding
(The blood being your drink maybe?)
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Get your mouse to run on a wheel, maybe it'll wake it up a bit
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