I am debating between the DiMarzio X2N-7 and the Seymour Duncan Blackout (either version) for my seven string

I exclusively play metal, thrash, hardcore, death, etc...

Please let me know any experiences, the dimarzios are way cheaper, so I'd prefer those on price.

Also, any suggestions for a neck pickup, theres not too much out there so I really dont know what to do with that. Thanks!!
i love blackouts, but i have no experience with dimarzio

it wont get much hotter than the blackout, but if you buy one you gotta get the other, unless you want to **** around even more with the wiring
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Well if i'm not mistaken, the X2N-7 is passive and the blackout is active... What amp do you have?

I have a Line 6 Half Stack HD100 Tube Amp, so that thing is pretty loud and powerful and tastefully tonefull