just a stupid question but... is there a certain way im supposed to hold my fingers/hand on the neck of my guitar? i couldn't find anything in the lessons here and just thought i migh be doing it wrong.
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put ur thumb horizontal to the neck pointing at the headstock with ur thumb in the middle of the neck
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whatever feels comfortable

there are many different types of neck suited for like metal or fast playing. maybe just for a good grip etc etc

but just while playing it doesnt matter as long as its comfortable for you
well, alot of rock guitarist wrap their palm around the back, so the thumb can get to the low e string, but i play a classical style of holding my hand, it lets your hand move faster and lets you stretch your fingers farther apart; this is done by sticking your thumb basically perpendicular the the center of the neck, your hand makes a C shape. i guess it's almost parallel rather than perpendicular. but thats just me
You want firm grip with both hands, fingers consecutive, but not laced.

Keep your palms flat on either side, thumbs sitting just under the Adam's apple/larynx

Oh, wait...
Personally, my hand shifts depending on the kind of chord i'm playing and what strings i'm fretting. sometimes my thumb is planted on the back of the neck, sometimes the neck ends up between my thumb and finger, in my palm. whatever is comfortable for what i'm doing. don't think too hard about it, i'm pretty sure there's no one "correct" way to do it.