I posted about this problem a few days ago, but got no response, so im going to try again because it is still happening.

I recently bought this mini-strat and scalloped the fretboard, and am now experiencing an odd sound on my G-string and slightly my D-string that I can only describe as a... gargle? It sounds just like when you tune using natural harmonics and they are really out of sync and make that really fast noise.

Im using 12s and tuned down a whole step. I did not notice it before I scalloped the fretboard, but im not sure what I could have screwed up. It mostly happens on the G-string, everywhere on it (most noticeably on 12+).

know it is not fret buzz because I raised the action on the string as high as it can go and the sound is still there. The sound also happens when I fret the 20th (the highest) fret, so there are no higher frets for it to hit. I have also set my intonation appropriately, so no problem there.

The bridge is securely tightened onto my guitar and I put tape over the springs to stop them from rattleing if that was the problem, but it is still happening

If anyone has any idea what it could be please tell me
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