Use a metronome. Start slowly then increase your speed little by little. Make sure you're not playing sloppy.
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1. Buy a metronome
2. Buy John Petrucci's Rock Discipline and Paul Gilbert's "Intense Rock"
4. Profit!
^ If you're doing it correctly, without a doubt. It's really the only way to learn to play quickly and cleanly.
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I am terrible at playing fast, I can't alternate pick and even when playing chords really fast it's a challenge. How can I become faster?

Get better at playing slowly.

There's no shortcut, you can't force yourself to get faster - all you can do is concentrate on playing accurately and controlled. The better you get at that the faster you'll gradually become. Be patient though, it's going to take years, not days or weeks.

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The metronome will tell you how fast your actually going, and allow you to keep pace with the piece your playing.

Not really - a metronome doesn't tell you how "fast" you're going, it's not a speedometer and you shouldn't approach it as one. It's just there to keep time for you, it's not a race.
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^ guess im lucky i got alternate picking down in weeks...

however i suck at chords so u win some u lose some although im learning them now.
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