Just got my Bugera 6262 head. Played it for about an hour, then took a break. Did normal shutdown. Came back to play in an hour or so, normal startup and it made a real loud pop when I turned it on. I then noticed one of the tubes started turning orange from top to bottom (unlike the others), so I turned it off. I waited a while and turned it back on and nothing. Sending it back tommorow. I am gonna give it another try as I really like this amp. What was it that caused this?
Hm. Probably a fuse. Orange tubes are normal.
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I have heard lots of problems with bugera. Probably just crappily made. They are known for blowing up and what not. But I agree, it's a pretty good sounding amp, too bad it's made by behringer.
Quote by theoreticmusic
Hm. Probably a fuse. Orange tubes are normal.

yea I know orange tubes are normal but the way this tube started to glow was not normal. It almost looked like a fire inside the tube.
My friends Bugera 6262 head did the same thing! it still works tho, mostly... yeh one of the tubes glows a different orange. I'd say this is just because of the lower quality construction.
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it was prob a lead wire from your output tranformer to the board burn up. instead of soldering the wires down to the board, they use plastic clips instead. there have MANY cases of the plastic clip from the transformer to the board melting. and that can cause your amp to have power failure. that tube that was really glowing fire orange is bad now, guessing cause of a surge and blew it and needs to be changed. but since you are getting it replaced or fixed under warranty you are covered. as soon as my warranty is up, im cutting all the plastic clips off and soldering all wires to the board and swaping the pots out with some good metal ones and mounting to the chasiss like they should be.
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