Hi there UG'ers!

I was looking at a new guitar and i am unable to make my mind up! i am completely mind boggled!
There is just so much to choose from and i have no idea of what i want to get so i was hoping that the people at UG here could give me a hand?

I play stuff like Trivium, slayer, Iron Maiden, Insomnium, Soulfly etc etc

I want to have a nice thick rythm Tone but i also want to have articulate leads

The Current Gear i Have is An old School Peavey Bandit 212, back when there was a thrash button lol, i have an Ibanez S, not a good one, just a cheapie, and i have an MXR Custom Shop GT OD overdrive pedal which i use constantly.

I live in australia and am willing to spend 1800 dollars or so ( i was going to get the sam totman signature but i just oculnt make my mind up)

Please help me i need a new guitar to shred on and i have no idea on where i should start and what brand etc, thanks in advance for any help
Quote by ghengiskhansoup
I was looking at a new guitar and i am unable to make my mind up!

It's all opinion based so you need to go to a music store and just stay there a few hours trying out EVERYTHING.

EDIT: I'd go for an ESP LTD in that price range.
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