So ive been playing guitar for about two years now and lately ive been trying to write my own songs but it hasn't been going so well. Ive been learning my scales and trying to learn some theory as i go along, but anytime i come up with a riff i get stumped and never know where to go with ti and the same thing happens when i attempt to write a solo. anybody got any good advice for me?
Take your time, move around the fretboard and figure out what sounds good together. Song writing isn't supposed to be easy and quick, it takes a tad bit of patience and work. Just move around and try different things out til you find whatever you're looking for.
songwriting is harder on a bass than some other instruments.

piano and guitar are both really easy to write on.

i personally write music and then lyrics, its easier in my opinnion

good luck!
Generally if you get stuck on a place to go keep the chord progression as simple as the chord itself then build and build upon it


Keep the riff that was awesome on a backburner until you come across something else that makes you go "wow that would work with"

in other words

dont force it. cause once forced it generally wont be the best
yea im starting to realize the whole patience thing, which is hard for me cuz i dont have very much and i get bored easily lol
dude just remember the three P's


just made that up now. pretty good ain't it?
Get a voice recorder of some kind, maybe one in a cell phone, and sing an idea that you might have in your mind into it. Sometimes random ideas pop up at any given time (****, one just popped up while I was walking my dog) and the recorder can be used as a catalyst to jot down ideas and save them to channel your ideas from your mind to your guitar, after you learned the idea by ear. Then just build upon it.
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dude just remember the three P's


just made that up now. pretty good ain't it?

Persistence is basically practice+patience.

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Chord progressions are definitely the easiest to start with.

And start where you're inspired.

A song doesn't need to be written from beginning to end.

Maybe you've got an idea for a chorus? Start there? Feelin' in the bridge mood? Try that.

Sometimes you just need to jam until you get inspired.
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To start with: Learn as much theory as possible, analyze as many songs as possible, borrow and read some classical melody writing books, learn counterpoint.

Start with a melody. Write a singing melody.

Then write a chord progression to it. You should start with simple songs.

Then write some lyrics that fit.
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