So I traded in my drum set (Tama Imperial Star - valued 800 new)
and when I bought it from them they charged me EXTRA for hardware.

I traded it in and the ****ers didnt even pay me for hardware they just took it and said you get 300. So i got a mexi strat and I got it setup and now it has EVEN MORE fret buzz and the A string keeps popping out, the ****er was ****ing with the truss rod and idk if that's it or its my guitar's nut. Do you guys think GC would actually let me trade the used one for another guitar? It's only been two days since I did the trade.

What guitar should I trade in for I need a fixed bridge under 300.
Never trade anything in at Guitar Center; they will rip you off hard-core.

You might be able to just return the guitar, just talk to the manager and be cool about it. Don't go in pissed off or they won't want to deal with you.

After you do a return and get your money back then just pick out another ... and in the future don't let them set it up.
ehh i knew i was gonna get ripped off but my mom wanted me to get rid of em ASAP, apparently drummers are the lowest level of musicians and drums in the house leaves bad impressions on guests >_>

Oh and the manager was the guy who setup up the guitar >_>
Never do a GC trade in youre better of with Ebay, Craigslist, or even UG.

With that said you should also never get a setup at guitar center always go local with setups and repairs local techs do a FAR better job. Yeah just go in and explain the problem to them but dont be all angry about it because as someone who works retail Im alot less likely to help someone out if they are yelling at me.
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