is it strange that lately I've preferred the sound of my ts9's od vs my peavey classic 30's overdrive channel? It might just be the novelty of the pedal not wearing off yet. Though when I turn my 30's od channel up to 12, its just too harsh compared to the warm sound of the ts9 fully cranked (this is before I even hit the boost button). Things like octaves, powerchords, and open chords just sound so much smoother through the pedal. I may force myself to start using the od channel again just for versatility, it does still sound quite nice when I leave it half cranked and lower.

Also, I still LOVE the sound of the clean channel on this amp.

Another funny thing I notice is mixing a heavy distortion pedal with the amp's od channel turned up high yields a fuzz sounding effect... which actually sounds pretty decent
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Yeah, I use my amp's OD channel for harder stuff, and my pedal for everything else. I also boost my OD channel with it... and oddly enough, I prefer my OD to cranking my amp for natural grittiness.
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maybe i havent found the perfect OD pedal, but i perfer natural distortion to anything else ive tried
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