I have the main riff for a 50's rock song done but I'm looking for the chorus. Like hte song "Last Kiss". So, what are some good chords for a chorus or even chords that work with the 50's rock song style. Thanks!
They use A-D-A-E or something like that in Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly

I'd say look up some stuff by Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison and use that as a starting point
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But uh, I would look into his stuff, Buddy Holly, you know... one of my beginner lesson books said A5 (power chord) was pretty used then. I dunno...

Alot of the sound was made by bar-chords, with a mixture of a few melody notes (often derived from swing or surf music to my ears).
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dude just use 50s chord progression C-Am-F-G

Sounds right.

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Blues progression?
I - I - I - I
IV - IV - I - I
V - IV - I - I
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