What's the name of that movie where there are these people on a plane(or maybe space ship?) and they enter a wormhole/blackhole. some of the passengers pass out and those that don't just disappear, and then at the end the crew returns to earth to find noone, but then people appear and some little kid points at the crew and says something about the"new people" I need the name of the film for a project and yes ive already used google, but the best i could get is that it might be 2001: space odyssey. sorry for the wall of text, any helpful responses are much obliged.
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its not 2001.

the langoliers, possibly? it was a stephen king tv movie.


GOD, thank you! I saw this movie when I was real young and it always stuck to me like the most fucked up **** and I never saw it again, and couldn't remember the name.
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I remember that

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YES! thank you so much Zugunruhe. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
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anytime, guys. im full of useless information and stephen king trivia.
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