ok so i got a 12 string acoustic, and i love playin on the acoustic, but there are a few songs that are in driffernt tuning(obviously). but having 12 string puts more tension on the guitar. so for songs such as name by goo goo dolls. would it be ok on my guitar and on my strings to do such weird tunings?
Yip, I alternately tuned my 12 string all the time. Other than it's a bit of a pain, sounded excellent. Most of the popular alternate tunings loosen the strings somewhat anyway so no worries.
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Yeah it's no problem for a 12 string to do alternate tunings... well aside from the fact that it's a pain to actually tune the thing

12 string guitars are built to withstand that extra tension.
yea it wont do any serious damage to your strings or your guitar...

unless you decide to smash the damn thing cuz its so damn hard to tune lol