Just wondering if anyone might have any idea what kind of pedal guitar wolf uses (i assume they must use something cuz i doubt u could get that sound just by stabbing holes in the speakers ) thats if u have any idea who guitar wolf are

i was thinking maybe a superfuzz but im no good a telling realy
Post some of their material/clips.
ive been looking through tons of live footage but havent caught much of a look at there rig i just though maybe someone out there might know im begining to wonder if the use one but they must its just to fuzzy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uRDH6HRiAI this one doesnt have great sound but you can see a marshall in the background

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6OD8bpJrGQ&feature=related hears som link wray cover

hears some studio stuff

Lol, I haven't listened to J-Rock in a long freaking time.

It does sound like a tonebender clone, or a Mosrite/Maestro style fuzz.
fuzzrite aye could be i guess i was kinda thinking super cuz they like the cramps but its a little muddy though too but that might be the bass yeah if you take away the bass it does sound like a fuzzrite it has the right feedback squeal and mossies big in japan plus ramones n mc5 n the ventures. they probly got more than one pedal though too plus they probly got a totaly different live and studio setup
i was thinking of makin a fuzzrite anyway so i guess i might just have to try it out and see. its good to find your own sound but its cool to figure other peoples too