ok just some little rules.

no GOOGLING ill know if you do.
basically i have the first lines of some songs, try and guess them, some are spoken. so be mindful of that. get ready GO!

1.All these lies they suit you, they are custom made to drive you out of reality.

2. ooooh haaaaa the shackles are undone the bullets quit the gun.

3.we hope you enjoy your stay,

4. oh how i cant recall, now im staring at once was the wall.

5. i hope this old train breaks down

6. Hold them down our bleeding suspects, Like candle light, burn burn burn, baby

7.We come from... Over the dark horizon sky

8.The ones who seek justice, will pray for it all their lives...

9. let the might of your compassion, arise to bring a quick end.

10. Oh girl, I don't know all the reasons why I found the answer looking in your eye

11.Well I was there on the day They sold the cause for the queen,

12. My own land has closed its gates on me All alone in world, it's scaring me

13. Get psycho, I wanna get psycho,

14. It's how the hustle goes See what the jukebox knows

15.You will remember this moment As you dig into me

16.At night they would go walking ‘till the breaking of the day

17.I'm full of regret For all things that I've done and said

18.The number one question is how could you ignore it And drop right back in the cut over basement tracks


20.Smashing through the boundaries Storming through the burning fields

21.Remember when we used to look how sun sets far away? And how you said: "This is never over"

22.I search for you, god of strength

23.It is not a human right to stand and not fight while broken nations dream

24.It was meant to be but all along it never meant a thing

25. The Curtain. is open. a head to. put dope in.
NSW Group FTW!

There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
3.we hope you enjoy your stay,

enterlude, the killers

EDIT: it's not exitlude, because in that, it's "we hope you've enjoyED your stay
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did everyone quit? ..
NSW Group FTW!

There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
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