what is the best floyd rose trem i can get for under 100 bucks. I have seriously no idea what LFR's are good. I know jacksons are good but there has to be better pretty unused ones that i dont know about. the guitarfetish one sounds good to me.. not sure though. this is for my LTD because LTD floyd sucks major giant ****
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Just get $100 more and get an OFR
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about $160 for a Gotoh FR
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sell all and buy a new guitar with an OFR it always comes cheaper trust me the money you d spend on a new bridge and potentially new pickups in the future would cost alot more than all those in a new guitar.
Floys Rose Specials from guitarpartsdepot.com. they have hardened steel baseplates. the blocks are zinc but you can get a brass one for like $30. they start at 75 and go up to 98 or something. they also have the exact same one thats on your ESP for like a little less(~$60) if you want an exact replacement.
The Best Floyd Rose Is A Setup Floyd Rose!

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