"the content-free encyclopedia", is a satirically themed wiki. Founded in 2005, it is formatted as a humorous parody of Wikipedia

Its just a big mockary of wiki, and its great. there is some really funny things on this site like:

Quote by Uncyclopedia - Osama bin laden
Osama Malaki Hussein Muhammad Abdul Phlegm-Shaky Shake Ali Abu Malaka Zarqawi Mehmet Ahmadinejad DustBin Fahtwa Laden D'jorj Barack Obama W. Bhuwsh (Arabic: أسامة بن لادن; born March 10th, 1803), also known as Osamas Bin Fartin or Obama bin Biden, Osama bin laden was born in Durkadurkastan

Post some of the things you find

Nike Terminators

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I wish they had a smiley that blew its brains out thats what id use

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Called it quits at 60 seconds? Pussy.
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The Smashing Pumpkins one is great, I love this site

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metallica uncyclopedia

Metallica, aka "$™" (pronounced cha-ching - not to be confused with chk-chk-chk or Ka-Ching) are the most successful band, mining resource company & horticultural enterprise ever in the universe, lead by singer/guitarist/Cowardly Lion in the Wizard Of Oz/international terrorist James Hatfield with Diet Coke & Lemon sponsor/Cabbage Patch kid/successful lawyer/ casual percussionist Lars $muldich. The band, who have been established for less than 6 months, attribute their longetivity to "conforming to current trends and producing music that appeals to deaf people, and also supplying the best pomegranate grafts that money can buy...mmyyyeahh!".


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In Flames

“They ripped off our sound!”
~ Korn on In Flames when they sold out

The In Flames in their current form, N-Flaymez: a Swedish Pop Death Nu Rock Alternative band that is widely favored by 5 year old girls.

The In Flames are a civilization of anal-probe supplying aliens that currently inhabits the earth. Little has been mentioned in the media concerning In Flames for a number of reasons.

First off, they look and act exactly as regular humans do, making it rather difficult to distinguish between them. Secondly, many laws have been passed in most countries that forbid segregation or bringing unwanted attention to any In Flames that does not wish to be noticed as being alien.

Alien Life

He looks pissed, but don't worry... Oh, wait, it's a she? Oh ****, RUN!

A number one concern with most people is the very fact that In Flames are aliens. As if that is not enough, they walk and interact with humans as if nothing is different. One man once said, "If any In Flames sleep with my daughter, I'll shoot her in the face for ****ing an alien." Most people feel that same sort of prejudice against In Flames.

Others, however, fervently study the exact genetic and physical differences between In Flames and regular human beings. So far, the only major physical difference is that male In Flames have smaller than average (compared to humans) penises. The average penis size of In Flames is 9cm. This is embarrassing for a human, but most In Flames tend to love their small penises so much that they play with them everyday.

However, certain scientists claim to have discovered that, genetically, the differences are astoundingly different. They say that the In Flames genome is almost a complete reversal of human genetics. What strikes these scientists, however, is that In Flames and humans can reproduce without producing sterile offspring. In fact, In Flame-human hybrids are genetically predisposed to being even more fertile than regular humans or In Flames. This means that the average male hybrid produces three times as much sperm while the average female hybrid drops twice as many eggs in each menstrual cycle. The downside of female hybrids, though, is that the PMS resulting from menstruation easily leads them to very violent acts such as murder and shoplifting.


The Tokyo Showdown left nasty scars all over various rural farmlands, but nobody cares.

According to various estoric sources, In Flames started out as a collabaration of a Lunar Strain of Nordics which co-mingled with a species of Mexican, in the Subterannean continent of Melodeath under a glacier in Sweden. These two species rapidly produced hybrid offspring known as the Jester Race. There have been rare sighting of these creatures which are said to resemble Court Jester's, including an incident in Japan known as the Tokyo Showdown. Coming in contact with these creatures can be fatal if one does not arm themselves with special fire resistant armor made from Swedish metal. Without the Swedish Metal armour, a normal human will immediately burst into flames, left with the appearance of a Clayman. Fearing persecution, the Jester Colony had to Reroute to Remain, as informed to them by the Whoracle, this exodus of Jesters was recorded along with a Soundtrack to their Escape. These three races (Nordics, Mexicans and Jesters) eventually made a treaty and combined to form the In Flames, and set about their mission to kill humans.

Over time, In Flames lost their appetite for searing human flesh and entered into legal and political science fields of study. One famous family of In Flames, the Kennedies, has produced many famous politicians.

However, this should be taken as total nonsense, and the In Flames are almost certainly just a group of normal Nordics posing as an odd alien race.Where They Are Today

Today, descendants of the original breed of In Flames can be seen just about anywhere. They are often seen at local shopping malls, arguing in arcades over various issues with Pinball Maps. One predominant In Flame is said to be preparing to run for future office as President of the United States. Rumours abound, but little proof has risen concerning the issue.
In Flames in Popular Culture

A group of 5 Swedish In Flames started a band, and named it after their species. They are often seen setting the audience on fire, which happens to be the only time murder is legal. It is rumored that the original plan to Destroy all Humans has been revived because of this, and that the rest of the In Flames will soon drive the Earth into the sun. That is, unless action is taken now to cover the planet in Swedish Metal...the metallic kind, which will cause suffocation anyway...

Oscar Wilde pictured in the 1898 (often referred to as his "pimp period") advertising campaign for the world's first invisible mobile phone - the Teleny.

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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They have a good Twilight article but I don't feel like finding it.
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They have a good Twilight article but I don't feel like finding it.


Twilight is the first autobiography in a series, and was intended only for the viewing of Stephenie Meyer, and those interested in Stephenie Meyer's wet dreams, namely 12-15 year old girls. It was created (or dreamt up after chocolate and strawberries) by first-time author/comedian Stephenie Meyer.

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The Opeth one is funny.

Quote by Opeth Article
“No, I don't feel gay” ~ male Opeth fan on having sex to Opeth albums

“who cares if i have sex to an Opeth song, thats pretty damned long” ~ male Opeth fan on having sex to Opeth albums

“pfft if only his penis was as long as an Opeth song” ~ female Opeth fan on having sex to Opeth albums

I always liked the viking article.

The children of a Chuck Norris are traditionally known as Vikings. The Vikings (Nordic Aryans) were a group of demons originating in Scandinavia, who are known for raping and pillaging, building boats with dragon's heads, raping and pillaging, setting things on fire, composing epic sagas (particularly about their love of SPAM), raping and pillaging, making awesome swords, killing monks, and raping and pillaging. The word "viking" is derived from the Old Norse verb "vike" which means "to rape and pillage everything in or not in your path" Vikings are beefcakes, considered the lumberjacks of the sea. Vikings are born fully mature and ready to do battle. The average gestation period for a viking is 5 minutes and 23 seconds (although this is being reviewed by MOSO who think vikings live underground, feeding on the blood of their fallen enemies for over 10 years before erupting from a Christians chest kinda like Alien, but without the ****ing panty shot from Sigourney Weaver. WTF!! Ridley Scott come the **** on). The beard, while appearing to be like normal human facial trees (albeit exceptionally luxurious and makes all the girls scream for sexings) is actually an extension of the face that can sense where there are monasteries to be pillaged, or rape to be had. This is often known as a "Beard Sense". The only human alive today who has this is Neil Fallon. The facial hair of a viking is also highly dexterous, and can serve as a third limb, in a similar manner to the way an elephant uses its trunk. Although this trait has all but died out, a few still remain who can access the so called "beard powers".
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“ Who the **** is that!?!?! He's a monster!”

~ Michael Jackson on A photo of Michael Jackson




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Pretty good, Pretty good. I like Michael Phelps's Chuck Norris thing
"What we've got here is failure to communicate..."
Up high in the heavens, Metal Jesus Is aspired to bring the gift of METAL to Finland because all the poor Finnish people have to listen to is Michael Bolton, and Blue Man Group. With his mighty powers, Metal Jesus created 5 seeds, but needed a human vessel to deliver them into the mortal world. The "mother" of the Children of Bodom was the third Olsen twin that nobody knows about. Not a soul except Mary-Kate and Ashley know her true name, so in this page, she will be referred to as "Dennis".
amazing site
if always loved it
Space was actually created by Fat Albert. After eating the Hiroshima bomb, he was eager to find space that actually could fit into.After searching and searching and searching and eating he finally he discovered a place with a infinite amount what appeared to be Inside Out Oreos and with no imagination other than eating in mind, called it space. He contibuted greatly to findng the 9th planet,Your Anus, later renamed Uranus. After ****ing himself into space, he accidently created stars and black holes. Fat Al contines to live peacefully on Uranus with his gang, the Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Powerpuff Girls. According to MANY MANY PEOPLE however, Palkia created space SO STOP MAKING UP THEORIES THAT WIKIPEDIA WOULD BE INTERSTED IN--GET LOST

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